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Ewa Zak-Dyndal

Ewa Zak-Dyndal was born in Przemyśl, Poland on October 12 1987. At the age of seven she started her education at Arthur Malawski’s State Music School, and went on to complete the primary and secondary grades (twelve years) as a pianist and singer. She gained the Diploma of Music Performer and the Diploma of Secondary Education. She has continued to study singing by taking Trinity College grade exams. She commenced her BA Music at Bristol University in October 2010. During her first and second year of studies at Bristol, she was taught piano by Raymond Clarke, and then by Helen Reid in the third year. Ewa regularly performed in Somerset, England as a soloist at Music Matters Concerts, both as a pianist and singer since 2009. Also at this time she worked with Hands on Music Centres Ltd as a piano teacher was dealing with individual abilities and preferences of students in age between 8 years and 16 years old. Ewa pursued her education in the MA Ritual Chant and Song at the Irish World Academy. During the time in Limerick she worked as an occasional piano accompanist. During her education, she was a member of different choirs such as: Schola Cantorum directed by Emma Hornby and Bristol Choir Society, Gospel Choir, Sonas Choir and was a member of the team directing the Academy Choir.