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Enrolment takes place from June onwards through the summer. There is an open day in September when new and potential students can visit the school and meet with teachers to discuss their needs, abilities and appropriate placing. Students must enroll at the beginning of each new school term.


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Booking Deposit

A student may book lessons by paying a non-refundable booking deposit of €50 for individual lessons and €50 for group lessons. Group lessons are dependent on sufficient student numbers.


All fees are due in advance and receipts are issued through the office. A receipt number must be presented to the teacher at the first lesson. Those paying large fees have the option of paying the term’s fees in installments using direct debit. Fees will not be refunded if a student cancels lessons during the term. Fees are due by the third week of each term. Failure to pay fees in good time may result in forfeiture of place. Family discounts are available and can be arranged through the office at the time of enrolment. Discounts do not apply to group fees. Teachers are not permitted to accept fees.


Individual lessons are usually 30 minutes. However, for students progressing beyond Grade 5, a lesson of 40 minutes is recommended. Consult with the teacher if in doubt. Groups must comprise of at least 3 and not more than 5 students. Two students in a class will be charged at half individual rates. Students must notify the office if lessons are discontinued for any reason.