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Music is an essential element in the lives of children. They sing, dance, and engage in musical play because they must, and they find peace, joy, and fulfillment through their musical expressions. All children have the right to know music more deeply and to develop musical skills under the guidance of expert musicians through education and training. Tuition in vocal and instrumental music, and in both traditional and classical forms, is an experience that lasts a lifetime and can begin early in childhood. Children need only to be musically nurtured in order to develop their aural, artistic, and expressive sensibilities to their maximal capacity. Maoin Cheoil an Chláir, through its outreach connections with the University of Limerick, offers this opportunity. - Patricia Shehan-Campbell
Donald E. Petersen Professor of Music, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
I am honoured to praise Maoin Cheoil an Chláir for its uniqueness in emphasising the values of both Irish traditional music and classical music by teaching each one with an equal concern for rigour and enjoyment. Because Maoin Cheoil an Chláir is a model of musical parity, I strongly recommend this fine school as a model for other Local Authority areas in Ireland and, more widely, for any country wishing to balance instruction in local traditions and classical music. - David J. Elliott, Ph.D.
Professor of Music & Music Education, Department of Music and Performing Arts, New York University
Maoin Cheoil an Chláir is an exemplary institution of music education, one that provides young people an opportunity to participate in a broad range of musical traditions while absorbing the values of an innovative musical and educational environment. Its basic premises and pedagogical practices are true to the diverse nature of music and the variety of ways in which it is passed on. - Marie McCarthy
Professor of Music Education, University of Maryland, USA